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3 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Video Agency

There are so many video production agencies to choose from in London. Here are a few things to consider when deciding which one to pick.

1. Expert Knowledge

We live in a time where anybody can purchase a DSLR camera, press record and call themselves a videographer. Whilst we all have to start somewhere, there is a significant difference between being able to shoot a video, and being able to create a strategic, high-quality video campaign tailored to a specific audience and designed to convert leads into long-term customers.

Your business needs a video production company that will ask the right questions, such as "who is your target audience" and "what is your desired outcome? More leads? Increased conversion rates? Increased awareness?". It's not enough to just ask those questions, though, they need to know how to design a results-oriented video campaign based on the answers to those questions.

TIP - if a video production company wants to dive straight into filming without asking very specific, detailed questions about your product or consumer... walk away and do not look back!

2. Reviews and Reputation

The internet has made it easier than ever for us to conduct background research on companies before purchasing their product or service. Yet it is amazing how many people fail to look at reviews to see whether the service is worth purchasing or not. For example, at Cinergic Media we have a 5 Star Rating on Google, which shows potential customers that we are trustworthy and can get the job done.

So take some time to research the trustworthiness of the video company - you can even get in contact with their previous clients if need be!

3. Video Quality

This one is pretty-much self-explanatory. Here's a simple rule, if you don't like the video content in their portfolio, don't hire them! Would you buy a painting that you wouldn't proudly place on your living room wall? No? So don't pay for video content that you wouldn't proudly show off to your potential customers.

People automatically associate high-quality video content with a high-quality brand. Check our video portfolio for some examples of effective videos that have boosted our clients' brand image.

If you are based in London, United Kingdom, you can always hire Cinergic Media to produce professional, high quality video content that gets you results.

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