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Maximize Engagement on Your Social Media Videos Using These Tips!

Have you ever put your hard-earned money, time and effort into making the "perfect" video for social media - only to receive 3 likes and one comment from a self-promoter? Here are some simple, yet effective, tips you can use to boost engagement on your next video.

1. Thumbnails!

So many people neglect the importance of having an enticing thumbnail - you need to give people a reason to click on your video! Stop using the default option as it's likely to be a randomly selected frame from your video, which is not optimized to attract as much attention as possible.

Try to select or create (depending on the platform) a thumbnail that gives context about the video, whilst making viewers want to want to find out more.

2. Use Stories

There are many reasons why you should use the stories feature on social media platforms.

Firstly, the algorithms are constantly changing. This means that it is very easy to miss certain posts on your timeline. For example, Instagram no longer displays posts in chronological order, so a post from 3 hours ago may show up above a video you've just posted! Stories are a great way to combat this - share your new post to your story so your followers are more likely to see that you've posted new content!

Even if you haven't posted recently, constantly updating your story will increase the likelihood of someone then viewing your profile - simple statistics!

3. Make a Variety of Content

At the end of the day, you can use the above tactics to get people to click on your videos, but if your content isn't interesting and varied then you will still have poor engagement rates. Humans need variety. You wouldn't eat the same meal every day, so why would you expect people to watch the same content every day?

Spice up your content using different types of videos. Here is a blog post where we list a few underrated types of video content that you need to start using.

If you are based in London, United Kingdom, you can always hire Cinergic Media to produce professional, high quality video content that gets you results.

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