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3 Underrated Types of Video Content for Your Business in 2023

In this article, you'll discover three types of video content that you must start incorporating into your marketing strategy right now.

1. Behind-the-Scenes (BTS)

Building an emotional connection with your customers is crucial if you want to build a strong, lasting relationship with them. Allowing people to see inside your offices, how employees interact and how your products are made really makes them feel welcomed.

BTS video content allows you to display the culture and values that are present in your company, in a way that merely stating them cannot achieve - seeing really is believing.

2. Live-Streaming

No edits, no cuts, no censorship. Live-streaming is a quickly growing medium that you can use to interact with your audience.

Firstly, you have the ability to engage with your viewers in real time. That's why live-streams can have up to ten times more engagement than a pre-recorded video. If people believe that that you're more likely to respond to their questions or even just acknowledge them, they're more likely to tune in and engage with your content.

Additionally, people want to be the first to know. They want to know about product launches, big announcements and giveaways before anybody else. The idea of "once it's gone it's gone" makes people more likely to tune in to your livestreams, because there's no guarantee that they can watch it again in the future (although there are options for that).

3. Testimonials

How many times have you been skeptical about an online review? Most likely more than once. This is because they could've been written by literally anyone. Many businesses rely solely on written reviews/testimonials, but these don't come close to the effectiveness of video testimonials.

Videos can capture genuine emotions and have a level of authenticity that cannot be replicated by written content. As humans, we have an innate tendency to trust human expressions over words and symbols, so it's no surprise that video testimonials are 90% more effective than written ones.

If you'd like to know more about why video content is the most optimal for your marketing needs, read this blog article.

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